katie nicole evans.

founder | photographer | event planner

hey, i'm katie. I like tea in the morning, a day filled with spontaneity, adventure and bright lights, a candle lit evening of good food, wine, lovely humans and a never ending record collection playing in the background...and I'd obviously be capturing the entire day on film (my nikon f3 acts as my personal diary) and digitally (for the mere purpose of instagram of course) to be able to reflect on that perfect day when I'm old, wrinkled & can't remember what tea I drank at breakfast (english breakfast...always).

If that day doesn't sound half bad to you, then we'd probably get on swell and I'd love to capture your day, plan your next party or put heads together on a creative endeavour. Either way, I'm fascinated by lovely humans & would love to grab a morning tea with you to hear about how we may work together. Until we meet my friend, looking forward to it. 


[the rest of the teams introductions coming soon...]

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